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Prospective study showed TKA not detrimental to patient participation in sports

Results of a study presented at European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy Congress, here, showed patients who participated in sports before total knee arthroplasty were able to participate in sports postoperatively and in some cases, patients were more active in sports after surgery.

Source : Healio

Multiple risk factors, BMD associated with hip fracture in older men

Older men with an increasing number of specific risk factors combined with decreased bone mineral density at the femoral neck are at elevated risk for hip fracture, according to study findings.

Source : Healio

Better fix for torn ACLs

Researchers at the University of Missouri School of Medicine have developed a model to show that a newer surgical technique results in a stronger, more natural ACL repair.

Source : Science Daily

Patients go onto total knee replacements quicker after knee arthroscopy vs PT

At the Arthroscopy Association of North America Annual Meeting, Ronald A.  Navarro, MD, discussed a study which evaluated whether knee arthroscopy for treatment of meniscal damage bought patients more time to knee replacement compared with physical therapy (PT). He said patients who underwent knee arthroscopy went onto total knee replacements faster than patients with PT.

Source : Healio

Same-Day Hip Surgery?

Three-hundred thirty-two thousand Americans have hip replacement every year. For most, the surgery requires a hospital stay, and weeks of rehabilitation.  Now, a different approach to surgery is getting patients back on their feet and out of the hospital faster than ever before.

Source : Ivanhoe

Parental hip fracture predicts fracture risk in adult offspring

Adults are at higher risk for major osteoporotic fracture if one of their parents experienced a hip fracture, particularly if that fracture occurred at a younger age, according to recent study findings.

Source : Healio


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